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Wikis are a great software tool for collaboratively creating and editing content. They seem to be an obvious choice for building a community Web infrastructure. Yet they have serious drawbacks that made JBoss.org choose a Content Management System (CMS) instead of a Wiki to build its new community website. Managing Content of High-Traffic Community Sites JBoss.org's website currently serves 20 million page views per month and hosts over 40 community projects within that website. Each project area has a navigation menu on the left and a content area on the right. Some projects need more pages than others because of their project structure. JBoss.org currently uses an in-house system they developed, but wanted to focus on adding value for the more than 40 software projects it hosts, instead of maintaining a self-made CMS. Initially in April 2008, JBoss.org evaluated W... (more)

Five Reasons to Love Mylar

Modern development environments bring multiple integrated tools to developers' fingertips. Integration of editors and compilers for multiple languages, database browsers, framework-specific development tools, and more are commonplace and considered by many to be entry-level features: the minimum support required to be taken seriously. But modern development environments miss out when it comes to integrating the most important part: the developer. Bringing multiple tools that work well together with a harmonized look and feel help a software developer be productive. However, as systems built using integrated development environments get more and more complex with larger and larger code bases, just having tools that are easy to find and use isn't enough. Modern developers need a development environment that focuses first class tools on the artifacts that they care ab... (more)

Application Performance Management Done Right

What is Application Performance Management (APM)? Like a lot of good questions, it depends on your business needs.  What is the goal of an ideal APM?  Does it mean 99.999% availability?  Perhaps it is a favorable overall end user experience when using the application but, as compared to what? My point is that Application Performance Management / Monitoring means different things to different businesses and it can even depend on the application involved. What is the Goal of APM “Begin with the goal in mind.” I wish I could take credit for that quote.  What is the goal of the APM? Have you listed out the objectives you hope to obtain from your APM strategy?  This approach will help your team ensure satisfaction with the final solution chosen.  Here are some examples. Minimum of 99.999% availability with lower Mean Time To Know (MTTK) and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) Less ... (more)

SCO Hit with DoS Attack; Penguinistas Thought Responsible

The SCO Group, an industry pariah since it sued IBM alleging that it misappropriated SCO's Unix trade secrets and put them in Linux, says it experienced a massive denial of service (DoS) attack last Friday that consumed 90% of its ISP's available bandwidth, about 150 Mbps, the equivalent of about 100 T1 circuits. SCO's ISP termed the attack "large" and "extremely well-orchestrated." It thinks the perpetrator or perpetrators put a BOT or worm on a compromised machine that loaded the worm on "hundreds of other machines" and they all hit at once. The ISP has reportedly identified 138 different machines as the intermediate source, but could not identify the original source. The ISP, which declined to say what operating system or systems were on the infected machines, characterized the attack as the second largest it has ever encountered. The FBI's Cyber Crimes Division... (more)

SuSE Previews 2.6 Features & AMD64 Support in Retail Code

SuSE has back-ported some of the more stable features that will be found in the upcoming 2.6 Linux kernel, not due to be officially released now until spring, it said, into the otherwise 2.4.21-based SuSE Linux 9.0 retail code that will appear online and at retail shops on October 24. The move includes both its $40 Personal Edition and its $80 Professional cut. SuSE also hails the stuff as the "first home user" operating system to support AMD's newly unveiled Athlon 64 desktop hybrid 32/64-bit chip. Of course it remains to be seen whether there are going to be many of those or exactly what 64-bit programs they're going to run. However, SuSE says 9.0 will support the chip under both species. The company had its CTO Juergen Geck observe that "We believe that 64-bit applications will rapidly become the standard, and that's why we're providing an operating system for th... (more)

'OK, $9.4 Billion Cash But Not a Penny More'

Oracle has gone and done what it didn't want to do, but had to do if it's going to keep on pursuing PeopleSoft. It raised its bid from $19.50 to $26 a share or from $7.1 billion to $9.4 billion cash. Larry Ellison, who started at $16 a share, swears the 33% sweetener is absolutely positively his final offer. The price on offer is probably the only problem associated with Oracle's hostile tender offer that was easy to solve. Oracle just had to grit its teeth. Oracle, whose sincerity about the acquisition has been in doubt, had to raise its price because PeopleSoft shares have been up over the $19.50 floor for months now. Oracle moved when PeopleSoft shares were dipping. PeopleSoft's board, which may now be in something of a quandary and under some pressure, has said it will meet to consider the new price. When last spotted, however, the quarry was doing what it could... (more)

Flashback to '04: "Let Java Go" – ESR Writes Open Letter to Sun

Read this Open Letter in its original version at Eric Raymond's Web site Read a previous Open Letter from ESR published at LinuxWorld The open-source community has been hearing reports that you have recently said of Sun Microsystem's strategy "The open-source model is our friend". We're glad to hear that, and Sun's support of OpenOffice.org certainly puts some weight behind the claim. But that support is curiously inconsistent, spotty in ways which suggests that Sun is confused in the way it thinks about and executes its open-source strategy. That confusion is evident in another of your quotes. Many of us think you are right on when you say that "Sun [...] is less threatened by a zero-revenue model for software than just about anybody out there." We agree that the potential for you in using open-source software as a value multiplier for Sun's hardware business is hug... (more)

Sun Teams with AT&T Wireless on Java Desktop

Sun has tied up with AT&T Wireless and says that starting this fall its anti-Microsoft Java Desktop System will operate in conjunction with AT&T's nationwide EDGE wireless data network and that AT&T Wireless users will be able to leverage the mobile laptop client to stay connected to the Internet, access corporate networks, and check e-mail. Sun VP, desktop solutions Curtis Sasaki said, "Sun and AT&T Wireless believe there is a growing market opportunity for enterprises looking for any time, anywhere connections with the Java Desktop System. The Sun desktop, which sells for $100 a user a year, runs on Windows, Linux, and Solaris. ... (more)

Like Oliver, SCO Wants 'More'

SCO told the Utah court charged with hearing its multibillion-dollar suit against IBM last Friday that from what it can piece together from the discovery IBM has produced so far the evidence that IBM ripped off SCO's Unix code and put it in Linux is there - to the tune of "tens of thousands of lines of code from AIX and Dynix" - but that it needs all of the copies of the Dynix and AIX code that it originally asked for to track down all of the SVR5 code IBM supposedly purloined. It wants the court to order IBM to produce the missing code and the revision control systems for the operating systems. SCO said it was able to trace at least some of what Dynix - and in turn Linux - owe to Unix from historical commentary in Dynix, but that AIX - or at least the AIX code IBM turned over to it - doesn't have historical commentary, so SCO "has had difficulty determining all the ... (more)

How Appcelerator is Building the Largest Open-Source Community Dedicated to RIAs

"We’re dedicated to building the largest open-source community dedicated to RIAs, breaking down the barriers between traditional preferred languages, programming models and solutions, says the co-founder & CEO of Appcelerator, Jeff Haynie. To date Appcelerator has seen the strongest amount of interest from Java and PHP developers, Haynie notes, but the company has continued to see steady growth across Ruby, Python, Perl and .NET programmers as well. The remarks come amid Haynie's responses to questions posed to him by Jeremy Geelan, Conference Chair of AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2008 East in New York City this coming March (March 18-20, 2008). The wide-ranging Q&A session also covers how Appcelerator's approach zeros in on the need for a clean separation the application from services in an agile development model by enabling the building of  "service-oriented UIs." The... (more)

Mitrionics and SGI Demonstrate Open Source Accelerated Bioinformatics Applications at ISMB/ECCB Conference 2007

VIENNA, AUSTRIA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 07/23/07 -- ISMB/ECCB Booth # 2-3 -- Mitrionics(TM) AB, developer of the Mitrion(TM) Software Acceleration Platform and the Mitrion Virtual Processor, will, together with SGI®, developer of the SGI® RASC(TM) RC100 and SGI BLAST accelerator, be demonstrating its latest open source, FPGA-accelerated bioinformatics applications at the 15th International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) & 6th European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB) being held this July 20-25, 2007 in Vienna, Austria. Located in the SGI booth number 2-3, Mitrionics will be featuring its Mitrion Development Platform, the Mitrion Virtual Processor, and the recently released Mitrion-accelerated NCBI BLAST-n bioinformatics application. Leveraging powerful and energy-efficient FPGAs from Xilinx, the ultra-fast memory subsystem in ... (more)

IoT & Smart Cities Stories
Darktrace is the world's leading AI company for cyber security. Created by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge, Darktrace's Enterprise Immune System is the first non-consumer application of machine learning to work at scale, across all network types, from physical, virtualized, and cloud, through to IoT and industrial control systems. Installed as a self-configuring cyber defense platform, Darktrace continuously learns what is ‘normal' for all devices and users, updating its understa...
At CloudEXPO Silicon Valley, June 24-26, 2019, Digital Transformation (DX) is a major focus with expanded DevOpsSUMMIT and FinTechEXPO programs within the DXWorldEXPO agenda. Successful transformation requires a laser focus on being data-driven and on using all the tools available that enable transformation if they plan to survive over the long term. A total of 88% of Fortune 500 companies from a generation ago are now out of business. Only 12% still survive. Similar percentages are found throug...
CloudEXPO has been the M&A capital for Cloud companies for more than a decade with memorable acquisition news stories which came out of CloudEXPO expo floor. DevOpsSUMMIT New York faculty member Greg Bledsoe shared his views on IBM's Red Hat acquisition live from NASDAQ floor. Acquisition news was announced during CloudEXPO New York which took place November 12-13, 2019 in New York City.
OpsRamp is an enterprise IT operation platform provided by US-based OpsRamp, Inc. It provides SaaS services through support for increasingly complex cloud and hybrid computing environments from system operation to service management. The OpsRamp platform is a SaaS-based, multi-tenant solution that enables enterprise IT organizations and cloud service providers like JBS the flexibility and control they need to manage and monitor today's hybrid, multi-cloud infrastructure, applications, and wor...
The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (MSAI) provides a comprehensive framework of theory and practice in the emerging field of AI. The program delivers the foundational knowledge needed to explore both key contextual areas and complex technical applications of AI systems. Curriculum incorporates elements of data science, robotics, and machine learning-enabling you to pursue a holistic and interdisciplinary course of study while preparing for a position in AI research, operations, ...
Codete accelerates their clients growth through technological expertise and experience. Codite team works with organizations to meet the challenges that digitalization presents. Their clients include digital start-ups as well as established enterprises in the IT industry. To stay competitive in a highly innovative IT industry, strong R&D departments and bold spin-off initiatives is a must. Codete Data Science and Software Architects teams help corporate clients to stay up to date with the mod...
Tapping into blockchain revolution early enough translates into a substantial business competitiveness advantage. Codete comprehensively develops custom, blockchain-based business solutions, founded on the most advanced cryptographic innovations, and striking a balance point between complexity of the technologies used in quickly-changing stack building, business impact, and cost-effectiveness. Codete researches and provides business consultancy in the field of single most thrilling innovative te...
Atmosera delivers modern cloud services that maximize the advantages of cloud-based infrastructures. Offering private, hybrid, and public cloud solutions, Atmosera works closely with customers to engineer, deploy, and operate cloud architectures with advanced services that deliver strategic business outcomes. Atmosera's expertise simplifies the process of cloud transformation and our 20+ years of experience managing complex IT environments provides our customers with the confidence and trust tha...
With the introduction of IoT and Smart Living in every aspect of our lives, one question has become relevant: What are the security implications? To answer this, first we have to look and explore the security models of the technologies that IoT is founded upon. In his session at @ThingsExpo, Nevi Kaja, a Research Engineer at Ford Motor Company, discussed some of the security challenges of the IoT infrastructure and related how these aspects impact Smart Living. The material was delivered interac...
Intel is an American multinational corporation and technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, in the Silicon Valley. It is the world's second largest and second highest valued semiconductor chip maker based on revenue after being overtaken by Samsung, and is the inventor of the x86 series of microprocessors, the processors found in most personal computers (PCs). Intel supplies processors for computer system manufacturers such as Apple, Lenovo, HP, and Dell. Intel also manufactu...